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    november 2021

    desember 2021

    • 7th European Otolaryngology-ENT Surgery Conference
      Barcelona, Spania 01. desember (ons) - 02. desember (tor)

      7th European Otolaryngology-ENT Surgery Conference

      Barcelona, Spain

      Denne konferansen inkluderer en rekke forskjellige temaer, hvorav et av disse er tinnitus;

      Track 25: Tinnitus

      Tinnitus the perception of sound in the absence of actual external sound-represents a symptom of an underlying condition rather than a single disease. Several theories have been proposed to explain the mechanisms underlying tinnitus. Tinnitus, the noise can be intermittent or continuous, and is very loud. Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, it does not cause the loss, nor does a hearing loss cause tinnitus. People with tinnitus experience no difficulty hearing, and in a few cases they even become so sensitive to sound that they must take steps to muffle or mask external noises. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds is the most common cause of tinnitus. Up to 90% of people with tinnitus have some level of noise-induced hearing loss. The noise causes permanent damage to the sound-sensitive cells of the cochlea, a spiral-shaped organ in the inner ear. A single exposure to a sudden extremely loud noise can also cause tinnitus. This track deals some of the most important topic which includes: Chronic sensorineural tinnitus, Tinnitus from sound exposure, Pharmacological treatment and Behavioral treatment, Electrical stimulation and vascular compression of the auditory nerve.


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    juni 2022

    • TRI 2022
      Vancouver, Canada 28. juni (tir) - 30. juni (tor)

      Placeholder for TRI2022 

      Tema: From Science to Succour

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    juni 2023

    • TRI 2021 Conference UTSATT til 2023
      Dublin, Irland 09. juni (fre) - 11. juni (søn)

      Denne konferansen er utsatt til 2023. Det er ikke satt noen dato ennå, så datoen i innlegget er fiktiv.

      Siden vil bli oppdatert så fort vi får mer informasjon.

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      Tinnitus Research Initiative Foundation's 2021 Conference

      Engineering the Future of Tinnitus

      Bridging Academia, Industry & Society

      Denne konferansen er fremdeles på planlegginsstadiet.

      Følg med her, eller på https://2021.tri-conf.org/